You tell us which brands and/or categories you want to see, and the RIA will pre-schedule your appointments with your top-priority choices – all available on an easy-to-use KICK Show mobile app.

WORK: A well-considered buy plan means higher profits, thus the RIA KICK Show is laser-focused on creating buying efficiency. Store buyers can schedule as many as 26 product presentations in 2 1/2 days in a group format designed to encourage peer sharing and feedback.  Private meeting spaces for every brand will allow for a focused, distraction-free presentation environment. Remember:  no need to schedule appointments…the RIA does that for you.

CONNECT:  Store owners, buyers, product marketing teams and brand executives will all come together in a vibrant networking format.  Store buyers get product presentations from the people who create the product. At the same time, store owners will meet with brand executives.  These open format, ‘top-to-top’ meetings will create stronger brand/store connections and allow feedback, questions, and discussion on industry issues.

WIN: In addition to a low-cost registration fee, the RIA KICK Show will offer a rebate program for all retail attendees.  To earn rebates, simply attend your scheduled meetings.  You’ll be reimbursed for each meeting you attend.  Retail attendees can earn rebates up to $600, paid out in a single check by the RIA.  For many, the earned rebates will cover travel and lodging, making the decision to attend a ‘no-brainer’

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Retailers will be asked to participate in the RIA Best in Show product award by casting their vote for new products submitted by participating brands. There will be one winner for each category and one for overall “BEST IN SHOW”.